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Portal combines self custody of your wealth with peer to peer financial applications

With Portal, Decentralized finance becomes uncensorable, peer to peer, and trust minimized. Just like the underlying properties of Bitcoin. Portal swaps move provable execution of cross chain contracts to layers 2 and 3, which allows the speed and liquidity of centralized alternatives, with the trust minimization guarantees of Bitcoin. Moreover, transactions are much faster and cheaper than Layer 1 transactions.

Portal OS

Portal DeFi Apps


Global Financial Computer

We enable peer-to-peer, decentralized, censorship-resistant applications as layers on Bitcoin.

Our goal is to create a web scale, serverless, peer-to-peer infrastructure and ecosystem with strong privacy and security guarantees.

Our Mission is to deliver freedom, one application at a time

Data and Computation Markets

Portal’s layer 2 atomic swap technology enables cheap, fast peer to peer exchanges, and can be extended to a general purpose market for data and computation. Our goal is to replace the web server model which is prone to centralization by design and architecture with a free market for data and computation. In game goods, NFTs, you name it, it can be transacted peer to peer.

Information Markets
Tiny, layer 3 contracts for data stored in a decentralized fashion replace the web server model where the fees provide resistance against censorship of information.
Computation Markets
Users are able to deploy complex programs for blinded execution by a network of peers. Portal swaps pay bonded Bitcoin when “requests for computation” are answered. Contracts assure proof of performance and payment for either party.


Product, Growth & Deep Crypto Expertise

Dr.Chandra Duggirala

Co-founder, CEO

Bitcoiner and M.D. turned entrepreneur, ran two 8-figure software businesses, and is the inventor of functional layer 2 cross-chain atomic swaps (he solved problems keeping Tier Nolan’s atomic swaps impractical until now).

Jack Mills


Engineering Architect of Casper Labs / RChain, and previous Director of Enterprise Platforms at Intel. Engineering at Stanford.

Manoj Duggirala

Co-founder, Technology

3x startup founder. Led a 150-engineer teams, designed large scale advanced anlytics platform. Previously @IBM Almaden, @Invensense. Engineering at Stanford.

Abhinav Sinha

Head of AI

Founder of, more than 8 years of experience working on embedded systems and algorithms with special interest in power efficient algorithms and comes from NVIDIA Tegra division

Alexey Melnichenko

Sr. EVM Engineer

5 years architecting token & exchange design, engineer at Phantom Cyber (acquired by Splunk), designed the exchange engine at Totle.

Anand Suresh

Sr. Bitcoin Engineer

Expert in decentralized protocols and infrastructure. Previously @Difinity, @Voxer, @Rocketmelt. Masters in CS at CMU

Casey Bowman

Sr. Lightning Engineer

Head of Lightning development. 20+ years of software engineering in Silicon Valley. 8+ years in Bitcoin. PhD at Stanford, BS at Princeton

George Burke

Co-founder, Community Builder

8 years in bitcoin, 3 exits in peer-to-peer/community startups incl. early bitcoin exchange Crypto Street, created the first Bitcoin debit card, and runs the world’s oldest bitcoin meetup.

Johnny Dilley

Business Development

VP of Strategy & Product at Blockstream. Conceptualized Liquid sidechains. Early VC at Pantera. 8 years in Bitcoin.

Victor Wu

Web3 Engineer

Expert in defi protocols and web3 development

Farid Azizov

iOS Engineer

Expert in open source wallet architecture and mobile development.

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