March 03/01/2021 - Portal has merged with Fabric project. Read more about the Fabric project and how it fits into Portal’s mission here

The Financial Internet
Built on Bitcoin

Censorship Resistant Applications

Build unstoppable applications that leverage the security, censorship resistance, liquidity and the largest user base of Bitcoin network.

Decentralized Finance

Asset Swaps, Lending, Borrowing, Staking, Liquidity, Derivatives and other Financial Services built on bitcoin, securely accessible from your wallet.

Cross-Chain Transactions

Using Portal swaps and moving provable execution of these contracts to layer 2, you get the speed and liquidity of centralized alternatives, with the trust minimization guarantees of Bitcoin.

Portal Swaps

Portal swaps is a layer 2 system purpose built to facilitate cross chain atomic transactions. It is like lightning network in that it is layer 2, but unlike lightning which is designed for peer to peer payments, Bridge(swaps) is designed for cross chain atomic exchange.

Portal swaps are the fastest, easiest, most secure and private way to swap your assets and contracts at all times.

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Watch Portal swap demonstration

Portal non-custodial wallet with cross chain atomic swaps built in

Portal allows peer-to-peer atomic cross-chain transactions with the speed and security of centralized exchanges, but with the privacy and security of underlying blockchains.

Portal supports not just simple exchange but arbitrarily complex financial contracts as well.

Built on Fabric’s
Market for computations

A fee market for De-Fi services

  • Futures, lending, borrowing
  • Vested payments
  • AI price predictions

Chandra & Eric Martindale's swap demo at SVBitcoin

Chandra's Talk at SF Bitcoin

Built on Fabric

Fabric is a general-purpose "computation market", in which users are able to deploy complex programs for blinded execution by a network of peers. Using cross-chain atomic swaps, digital currency bonded in the initial request for computation assures proof of performance and payment.learn more


Recent advances in Fully-Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) have reduced computational requirements to a domain in which real-world users may find tolerable, in the range of 30 seconds to two minutes for small, well-defined programs. Fabric's design relies on Yao's garbled circuits model for Secure Multi-Party Computations.

Layers on Bitcoin

A Fabric lets you spin up your own secure layer two peer-2-peer network using Bitcoin blockchain as the trust anchor. Your peer-2-peer network is secured by Full homomorphic encryption which assures privacy, without requiring another consensus mechanism.

No New Consensus

Why no consensus of our own?: Because we don’t need another “Layer 1 blockchain”. We defer consensus on a global state to an underlying trust anchor, the Nakamoto Consensus of Bitcoin's blockchain.

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Other apps using Fabric


A decentralized messaging app


Self-hosted collaborative music playing application.


A declarative application framework for high-performance cross-platform services

PeerTube (fork)

ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser

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Who we are

Product, Growth & Deep Crypto Expertise

Eric Martindale

Co-founder, CEO

Previously at BlockStream and BitPay.
Founded Fabric Protocol

Manoj Duggirala

Co-founder, Technology

2x entrepreneur who managed a team of 150+ engineers.
Stanford University

Alexey Melnichenko


Computer Science @ NCSU
Previously: Engineering @ Phantom Cyber, Totle, Nax group

Dr.Chandra Duggirala

Co-founder, Product

Grew Fuel from $0 to $2M ARR in < 10 months.
Author of Crypto Economics

George Burke

Co-founder, Community Builder

Sold 2 B2C marketplaces. Started FreshPay in 2013.
Organizer SV-BTC meetup

Farid Azizov

Blockchain Engineer

Wallet engineer

Some of our backers

Andreas Antonopoulos - Custodians & Centralized Exchanges

Nic Carter - Privacy & Monetary Control

Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali - Privacy & Security - Portal

Andreas Antonopoulos - Trustless bitcoin entry & exit using Atomic Swaps

Ripio CEO Sebastian Serrano - Venezuela & Bitcoin

Sebastian Serrano, Ripio CEO - Argentina's monetary problems

Bitcoin Wars (BTC vs BCH vs BSV) panel ft Portal CEO Chandra Duggirala defending BTC at Node SF

Wachsman PR CEO David Wachsman - Convenience has eroded privacy

David Wachsman - Potential Bitcoin Fungibility breakdown

"Godfather of Ethereum" on centralized exchanges - Yani Malahov CEO Kendrick Nguyen - STO exchanges halted by US regulation--What about peer-to-peer?

Dragonfly Capital Partners' Haseeb Qureshi - "Biggest threat to bitcoin privacy... Neighbors"

Human Rights Foundation's Alex Gladstein - Privacy protects freedoms - SF Blockchain Week 2019

Casper Labs CEO Medha Parlikar - Atomic Swaps & Equalization through crypto - SF Blockchain Week