Uncensorable Internet, Built on Bitcoin
Fabric allows building peer to peer, decentralized and censorship resistant applications as many layers on Bitcoin.
Fabric provides webscale, serverless infrastructure with strong privacy and security guarantees.
Fabric is a general-purpose "computation market", in which users are able to deploy complex programs for blinded execution by a network of peers. Using cross-chain atomic swaps, Bitcoin bonded in “requests for computation” assures proof of performance and payment.
Fabric extends Bitcoin’s functionality today without needing any BIPs.
DeFi on Bitcoin
Finally, Decentralized Finance comes to Bitcoin natively, with Portal’s revolutionary layer 2 P2P network that provides fast, cross chain, non-custodial trading. Using Portal swaps and moving provable execution of these contracts to layer 2, you get the speed and liquidity of centralized alternatives, with the trust minimization guarantees of Bitcoin.
Portal swaps
Portal swaps are the fastest, easiest, most secure and private way to swap your assets and contracts at all times. Read more about revolutionary Portal Swaps here. Portal contracts incentivize liquidity and order book execution among exchange facilitators, who get rewarded for their effort, proportional to their contributions, using self-enforcing contracts.
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Swap are non-custodial and use Portal's ZK-Swaps technology
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Censorship Resistant
Layers on Bitcoin
No New L1 Consensus
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See developer documentation at https://github.com/FabricLabs

const Fabric = require('fabric'); const service = new Fabric();