With Portal Ecosystem tools, people and autonomous agents (“AIgents”) can participate in economic activity across blockchains with speed, low transaction fees and security.

Built on Portal OS


Portal DEX

Portal DEX: Cross chain, layer 2 atomic swap based DEX. swap native assets across any chains with low fees and minimal slippage.



First in a series of Personal Financial AIgents, RAFA is your AI investment agent.


Swap SDK

Build Portal swaps into your wallet, Single chain DEX or DeFi protocol without the need for wrapped assets or custodial bridges.


Portal Wallet

Portal Wallet is the best in class multicurrency wallet with Portal DEX protocol built in. Users can store their crypto securely, non custodially, and exchange assets P2P right from the wallet.



Portal’s payment channel based layer two on Ethereum. Enables super fast, low-fee and scalable swaps to/from ETH.

Portal Dev Corner

Portal’s vision is to make P2P cross chain transactions effortless and seamless for developers to build on. Build scalable cross chain applications without worrying about the complex security vulnerabilities of bridges and wrapped assets.

Coming soon

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