Portal Wallet

The Reference Implementation Multicurrency Wallet with Portal Layer 2 DEX built in.

The reference multicurrency wallet with built-in Portal cross-chain DEX. Runes, Ordinals, and more coming…

Smart Functionality, built for the future

Portal wallet is built for supreme usability and security. Set rules like “send bitcoin to cold storage if balance exceeds X” or “Swap BTC to ETH when exchange rate goes >Y”. Let your creativity be your limit.

Swap Seamlessly

More than Just a Wallet. Because of built in swaps, and interoperability with the AIgent protocol, your wallet can become your primary trading interface and your financial repository. No Centralized Custodians needed!

Store Assets

Portal Wallet is the only wallet you'll ever need. It supports 3000+ tokens across all major networks and blockchains. You can manage the wallet on Desktop and Mobile. 

Swap Assets

With our built-in DEX you can swap between assets seamlessly. Portal wallet comes with peer to peer swaps as well as AMM based instant swaps, to give you control over trading.

AIgent Recommendations

Portal Wallet comes with AIgents to enhance your financial goals. Be in the know when momentum breaks on your assets or when there is a trend shift. Our AI identifies intraday, short-term, and long-term trends based on your investing style to help you make extraordinary profits.

Lightning management

Don't run your own lightning node? No problem, we offer lightning management solutions to imrpove your product experience. By blending the sovereignty of non-custodial Lightning with the convenience of custodial services, we let users send and receive payments with ease.

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Our Wallet is open source and transparent.